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Batman Arkham City ERROR message


i was trying to find out how to play batman arkham city in 3d...I made it but unfortunately i change the profile and now when i try to resutup the profile i got the following message.Failed to find shader map for default material DefaultMaterial!Please make sure cooking was successful and that your console is properly configured(e.g.Disc vs HDD Boot) and that the file serving directories are correct in Target ManagerQA_APPROVED_BUILD_JANUARY_2011 387507 27-09-2011 18:12.21(Wwise:2011.1.0#3886) Game

Address=0x75e99673(filename not found)[in C:\Windows\system32\KERNELBASE.dll]
Address=0x4736d1 (filename not found)[in E:\Program Files\Batman Arkham City\binaries\Win32\BatmanAC.exe]
Address=0x4a37fd (filename not found) [in E;\Program Files\Batman Arkham City\binaries\Win32\BatmanAC.exe]

So where is the right path?i have 2 hard disks.I setuped the game in E:\ and now i got that message:/what should i do?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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